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Join the InvivoCloud Beta Testing Program!

InvivoCloud is seeking beta testers to revolutionize how Researchers approach preclinical drug discovery and mice behavior analysis.

beta Testing wanted

🌟 What is InvivoCloud? InvivoCloud is a pioneering AI-powered platform designed to empower biomedical investigators like you. Our technology accelerates the preclinical drug discovery pipeline, making research faster and more efficient than ever before.

🔍 Who Are We Looking For?

Our ideal beta testers are scientific laboratories or vivariums that:
✅ Conduct ongoing research involving mice models
✅ Possess 20-30 (ideally more) mice for experimentation
✅ Southern California located

🚀 Why Beta Test with Us? By joining our beta testing program, you'll gain exclusive access to InvivoCloud's game-changing features before anyone else. Your feedback will shape the future of our platform, ensuring it meets your specific research needs.

🤝 How to Get Involved: If you're ready to take your research to the next level, contact us today! Send us a message or email us at to express your interest. Let's work together to accelerate biomedical innovation!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of preclinical research.

Join the InvivoCloud beta testing community and revolutionize your research journey! 🚀